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The Mural Project
at The Burger Loft

The Nyack Art Collective created and installed a mural in The Burger Loft, 395 S. Main Street, New City. Members were asked to create art on a 12"x12" canvas inspired by The Burger Loft/District 96. The official opening of the mural was on First Friday, May 3, 2024. The names of the contributing artists are listed below.


A3    Marianne Goldstein

A4    Jack Milazzo

A5    Carole Braunstein

A6    Mitchell Liner

A7    Kenneth Burns

A8    Kenneth Burns

A9    Christina Alamo

A10  Barbara Chen

A11  Joyce Byrnes

A12  Nicole Spata

A13  Svetlana Askenazy

A14  Trine Giaever

A15  Kris Campbell

B3     Ann Kinney

B4     Debbie Herman

B5     David Dixon

B6     Jase Michael

B7     Kenneth Burns

B8     Kenneth Burns

B9     Carole Braunstein

B10   Janet Pirozzi Riolo

B11   Debbie Herman

B12   Nicole Spata

B13   Janet Pirozzi Riolo

B14   Jack Milazzo

B15   Debbie Silberberg

C1      Logan Potenza

C2    J.Tedesco

C3    J. Tedesco

C4    J. Tedesco

C5    Sandra Bandes

C6    Leo Chamalian

C7    Janet Pirozzi Riolo

C8    Marianne Goldstein

C9    Lynne Lancaster

C10  Nicholas Cornell

C11  Nicholas Cornell

C12  Nicole Spata

C13  Jack Milazzo

C14  Jessie Taylor

C15  Jessie Taylor

D1    Marianne Goldstein

D2    David Dixon

D3    Kris Campbell

D4    Carole Braunstein

D5    Myles Aronowitz

D6    Myles Aronowitz

D7    NAC logo

D8    Jack Milazzo

D9    Debbie Herman

D10  Carole Braunstein

D11  Suzanne Auer

D12  Trine Giaever

D13  David Dixon

D14  Jessie Taylor

D15  Jessie Taylor 

E1    Wendy Miller

E2    Wendy Miller

E3    Carol Porter Maurer

E4    Debbie Herman

E5    Myles Aronowitz

E6    Myles Aronowitz

E7    Marianne Goldstein

E8    Jase Michael

E9    Eileen Geiger

E10  Eileen Geiger

E11  Trine Giaever

E12  Trine Giaever

E13  Kris Campbell

E14  Jase Michael

E15  Carol Porter Maurer

F1    Wendy Miller

F2    Wendy Miller

F3    Marianne Goldstein

F4    Marianne Goldstein

F5    Nicholas Cornell

F6    David Dixon

F7    Sandra Bandes

F8    Nicholas Cornell

F9    Eileen Geiger

F10  Eileen Geiger

F11  Jase Michael

F12  Brian MacRae

F13  Janet Pirozzi Riolo

F14  David Greene

F15  Susan Strange

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