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Jessie Taylor

I am a dreamer, first. Second, I am a painter. I envision a world where we value art as a part of our necessary human experience –where we understand that being creative is just as important as breathing. I am a lifelong artist and believe through creativity we unlock the invisible boundaries between us as humans. There is no doubt that Art connects us!


All of these words can seem so elusive without the actual story behind why or how I finally woke up to what they mean. As a younger artist I spent so much time believing that in order to be an artist - I must suffer. I was unreasonably self-destructive and drowning in my solitude. I was cutting myself down before I would even try or start. Finally, I woke up and started to ask myself to be more positive, more loving towards my own ideas and see where that goes. This process has changed my life and shifted my thinking in such a way that I feel more creative than ever before.


I am a Sloatsburg Resident and creative force behind the Sloatsburg Plein Air Art Event. If you haven't attended one of these events you should attend or participate! I have joined a committee with ACOR and just recently joined the Nyack Art Collective. I want to make an impact in the art world and realize it takes a community to raise an artist!


Painting is MY passion; MY creative inclination. Paint, the way it acts, how to control it and how to make beautiful things from it is my medium; is my playing field. Somehow between all of the above - I find the time to paint. You can also follow along on instagram at jessietaylorpaints.

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