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Brian MacRae

Creativity is a driving force in my life. It can and has taken many different forms over the years including skateboarding, painting, guitar, and guiding young minds in the artmaking process. Skateboarding and snowboarding are a canvas that you can make your own lines and see objects as being minipulated to your own riding style. Maturing in either sport will require many blotched attempts and ofter painful experiences. These are necessary to bounce back from and learn from the mistake rather than giving up. These are lessons that fit in with any creative encounter including the visual arts and music. You often will attempt to perfect the product, however the process and mistakes often are the agents of learning and growth. These are the core lessons that I teach to my elementary aged students at my Art Studio in The Bronx. The artmaking process is the healing agent and key to ones creativity will unlock if you are persistant and give effort. My artwork is a expression of my current state of thinking and feeling over the years. It has been the outlet that I retreat to over and over to make sense of the world, my mind and those that have crossed my path in positive and negative ways.

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