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Nicole Spata

My practice is greatly influenced by nature and all its creatures. I strive to not only capture a true likeness to what I see but also experience and feel when fully present. When in the process of creating, I instantly return back to that moment and enjoy another go at it—reminiscing all sensory and expressive properties of that moment in time.


Working in oils allow both accuracy of subject and personal perspective. This medium’s free-flowing qualities allow no holding back! Whether painting or sculpting, color and simulated texture have always been the elements/building blocks I most often use as the backbone of my composition. 


A trained Artist who attended Montserrat College of Art for a Bachelors in Fine Art & Illustration, Queens College for a Masters in Art Education. For the past 17 years, she has been teaching a wide variety of classes specializing in Painting, Mixed Media & Art History at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, Queens, NY: Founded by Tony Bennett. Although Nicole is new to Instagram, she has been creating art for 23 years, producing personal & commissioned works. She has also most recently exhibited & sold her work at Synchronocity Gallery- West Nyack,NY & Wurtsboro,NY, Green Branch Urban Farm- Great Barrington, MA, Modern Druid- Nyack, NY

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