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Guidelines for Exhibiting Art

First, we are thankful that our members want to show their work at all our wonderful venues & are grateful to those who donate their time to install our exhibitions.  We would not be The Nyack Art Collective without you!

To help facilitate a smooth & efficient installation & takedown, we have a checklist of things for you to remember before, day of  & after each exhibit you participate in. 


All artwork should be:

  • Properly wired with d-rings & strong gauge wire.  Sawtooth hangers cannot be accepted.

  • Securely framed & clean. 

  • Protected with bubble wrap or cardboard or a tote bag w/name for safe transport. 

  • Labeled on the back, with your name, contact info, title, $ price, medium & size.

  • Completely dry.  No wet paint please!

Day of install & takedown day: 

All artwork should be:

  • Delivered on time to the venue within the first half hour of installation.  After that, late work cannot be accepted.  Can’t be there, no problem!  Please arrange for a drop off ahead of time with Joyce Byrnes or Mary Louise Allen.

  • Please make arrangements, ahead of time, if you cannot make it for take down day.

  • Please be aware of how long the exhibition will be running.  Depending on the venue, most works (even if sold) should remain until the end date.

  • If your art sells: It is the artist’s responsibility to contact any interested parties,  make arrangements for shipping & pay any commission, if applicable.

How-to Guides We Like

To wire art:

To protect art:

To price art:


The NAC Tote Bag!  It is big enough & strong enough to hold a 16 x 20 piece of art!  (Needs a name tag)


Thank you for your kind consideration,

The Nyack Art Collective

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