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Suzanne Auer

What’s your favorite color? I know you’ve been asked this. Kids talk a lot about this. My favorite color is the color of new leaves in Spring. That green makes me smile no matter where I see it - on a wall, on clothes or in a painting. The funny thing is, I’ve been painting blue paintings lately. Planning a painting around a color and then creating a visual path through it is how I work. Focusing on a subject allows me to do this and helps me get the feeling that I’m looking at my favorite places and things once again.


Suzanne Auer received her BFA in Gold and Silversmith from SUNY New Paltz. After a few years in the jewelry business she started her own business painting children’s clothes and murals. This led to creating The Art Studio, a 20 plus year business teaching children and adults in a relaxed atmosphere in Highland Mills, NY. She is now retired and painting every free moment she gets.

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