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Christina Alamo Westort

I am a self-taught artist and crafter. Growing up I have been interested and drawn to all types of artistry and expression. I have explored many mediums such as crafting, drawing, dance, yoga, photography, art modeling and body art (face and body painting and henna).


My body art journey started with an inspirational thought of the word “Mehndi”, and has developed into doing full body art. I am also a Social Worker and have used these skills and body art as a healing experience for my clients. Through doing body art, it has developed my painting skills, use of color and photography skills. Body art encompasses movement and lines of the body, illusion, and impermanence. If you don’t take a picture it may never have existed!


I am now trying to focus on more canvas work. I am learning painting with acrylics and water colors. I have also become interested in multimedia work that is more textural and abstract. I love doing this form of art because it is very sensory and brings together many different techniques such as sculpting and painting. It is helping me learn about all different mediums and techniques. I hope to keep developing as an artist and thank the Nyack Art Collective for letting me join and show my work. I appreciate the experience and inspiration that everyone brings to the collective.

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