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Hotel Nyack Gallery

400 High Ave, Nyack, NY

Sandra Bandes and Janet Pirozzi Riolo
June 7 - August 19, 2024
Meet the artists Wednesday, June 19, 6-8 pm

Sandra Bandes    

In an era where digital presence has become a cornerstone of our identities, I created this series to explore the lengths to which we go to capture attention and stand out in the online realm. Focusing on playful forms and scribbles, I aim to mirror the frenetic energy of social media where the quest for likes, shares, and comments becomes a performance art in itself.

What can I do to catch the viewers eye? What will grab your attention? What will get us to stay, and look maybe a bit more?  With the whimsical nature of this series, I was hoping to reflect both the creativity and the chaos inherent in our digital self-presentation, without taking myself too seriously nor aiming for perfection. Ultimately, my work is an exploration of visibility and vulnerability in the age where the need to be seen often overshadows the need to be understood.

To purchase artwork, please email Sandy.

Janet Pirozzi Riolo


Janet Pirozzi Riolo earned her art degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Early in her career, she designed screen prints and did illustration work in NYC’s Garment District. With her background in fashion, she always draws upon and incorporates color, patterns and style in her work; whether she is working in actual realism or stylized realism, fashion is always a part of her art. 

Janet currently lives in Rockland County, New York. She used to work exclusively in colored pencil, but most recently has expanded her interests to mixed media and painting. Colored pencil will always be Janet’s first love - but she feels, “An artist needs to explore new areas, change is the best way to grow; and challenging yourself helps the artist to be a true creative person.”

To purchase artwork, please email Janet.

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