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Carol Porter Maurer

During my tenure as an IT Project Manager, early on I detected an absence of "heart" in my daily work. I set out to remedy this missing component by joining a group of painters for a week in the Catskills, "Painters Week". There, to my delight, I found an abundance of "heart" I readily detected that generosity, spirit, and humanity that I was seeking, among this group of painters. And luckily for me I found my future painting mentor, Zyg Jankowski. And so, it began......I became a "weekend, vacation, workshop, & Sunday painter" to develop skills and found a way to express my heart.


After my retirement from the corporate world I turned to painting full time. I experience "heart" as representing the humanity we seek in our lives; painting is an avenue to capture and reflect our human feelings while immersed in any activity to create art. Whether it be watercolor, (my plein air beginnings), oil painting, figurative drawings, or use of other medium, be it focus on color, expression, point of view, representational or abstract design, I hope to capture some element of emotion, some element of heart in my work. Is it humor, or mood, line or color speaking? When you feel a connection to my work then I have created a successful painting.

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