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The Nyack Art Collective is a not-for-profit, member-managed, art association founded on the belief that as a group, it is in our unified interests to share and support the artistic process. 

The Nyack Art Collective will endeavor to advance, build, develop & support a diverse, inclusive, equitable & accessible environment & community of artists.


Nyack has always been home to people in the arts because of its charm, location and history, however, it did not have an active, organized art association to help promote individual artists and Nyack as an arts destination.


In December, 2012, an e-mail was sent to a list of local artists, who had expressed an interest in becoming part of an art group. The email was sent from  Tracy Kachtick-Anders, the former owner of Vincent’s Ear (now closed), an art supply shop in Nyack. That e-mail, in part, said: “Vincent’s Ear is holding an open meeting on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 from 7–8:30pm at the Nyack library to form an artists’ club.   Ideas to discuss are: creating an artists’ co-op gallery, studio space, art workshops, art materials swap, usage of local businesses to exhibit art, craft fairs, etc.”


Eleven people attended that first meeting, and a germ of an idea blossomed into the “Nyack Art Collective”. Today, Nyack Art Collective is a member owned and managed non-profit art organization comprised of visual artists of the greater NY area. We are founded on the belief that in unifying, sharing and supporting our artistic process we access greater creativity, offering individual and collective benefits to our members. We equally seek to be a cohesive presence that enriches and enlivens the community of Nyack.

Current Officers

Co-Presidents – Mary Louise Allen and Janet Pirozzi Riolo

Secretary – Sandra Bandes

Treasurer – Kris Campbell


Committee Chairpersons

Membership – Janet Pirozzi Riolo

Gallery/Exhibition – Joyce Byrnes

Social Events – Mary Louise Allen

Fundraising – Mitch Liner

Community Events – Sandra Bandes

Media – Ann Kinney

Finance – Kris Campbell

Merchandise - Brian MacRae

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