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David Dixon

My art is my meditation, my source of peace and of personal challenge. It spans the range from figurative depictions of jazz artists which are my muse, to abstract expressions whose origins I have yet to discover but whose power I feel and see clearly. Jazz music plays a central role in my work. It not only provides many of the subjects but informs the very nature of the work. In many of my abstract pieces the images emerge entirely from the music. The sounds and moods of the music move my hands across the canvas resulting in images I never imagined but that look right to my eye and feel right to my soul. I cannot tell you what it is. It is up to the viewer to bring their own vision to the work to see and feel what it means to them.


My figurative work chronicles my experiences traveling around the city and around the globe. My work is inspired by everything from sights in NYC subways to dancers in the streets of Cape Town South Africa or the North Atlantic Ocean in the midst of a hurricane. My goal is to not only document the subjects in the moment but also to capture the feelings that radiate from them. In my youth I was deeply immersed in the visual arts. As a young man I set my brushes aside for far too long to pursue a career in the US Coast Guard, retiring 33 years later as a Lieutenant Commander. I am very, very fortunate to have found my way back to my first love, my art.


Blue Door Art Gallery, Yonkers NY Virtual juried exhibit - 2021

Harlem Fine Arts Show Virtual Exhibit - 2021

Gallery 18 One Man Show “Razzamajazz” Bronx, NY -2022

Harlem Fine Arts Live Show Washington DC - 2022

Bronx Art Space – 2022

Harlem Fine Arts Show – Glasshouse New York, NY - 2023

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