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Monica Belardi

I’ve been drawing and painting all of my life and I never thought it would lead to any kind of career I just loved doing it. I consider myself basically a self-taught artist because I only took some classes here in there in college and at an art center and I spent most of my life studying privately with an amazingly talented artist named Dick Louis who is like a father to me. I would say I learned the most from him, and he taught me that practice practice practice is what makes at least almost perfect.


What I love to draw or my style is fantasy art, storybook illustration, and mystical native American Indians; and now recently I’ve just had a request to do a doggy portrait of two dogs. So now I’m expanding my repertoire to include animal portraits as well.


I am so happy that I found the Nyack Art Collective because actually hardly anyone is ever seen all of my work from all of these years all of my life except a few small exhibits around. They are giving me a chance to show & share my work to many more people, I I am extremely grateful to them for..

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