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Lorry Zuckerbrow

The artist in me envisions all things beautiful while giving the observer the ability to see and feel what lies deep within my interpretations of my world as I understand it to be. I began painting and a bit of sculpture while a young student in both middle and high school as well as in my first years of college. Life seemed to take precedence, marriage, children, then college again and teaching. I put away all aspirations of painting until my retirement. It has been 10 years now that I have finally been able to devote my heart and mind to my painting. Fairly new and unskilled, my earlier work was of still life, learning about placement, shadowing, and subjects. As I improved, I began expanding my subjects and continuously attempt to get out of my comfort zone.


I enjoy painting scenes of landscapes, animals and moments with my family that bring me joy. I hold the principle that I will never limit my art to any one style or medium. I used to think that offering a gift of my painting would be accepted with appreciation and the same feeling I had when recreating those memories that I hold dear. I quickly learned that not everyone would feel the same. At first it saddened me when my gifts were rejected, but over time it has become okay with me. I started hanging all those “rejects” in my home and found that as I awaken in the mornings and look around me, my heart fills with pride and joy. These paintings are my memories and my love of my life. They do not have to belong to anyone else.


It is for my own personal satisfaction that I paint. And if someone else wants a certain piece, then that is just icing on the cake. I can honestly say that the one person who has influenced me the most has been my teacher and mentor, Andy Mollica. He saw something in me and took me on as a student about 7 or 8 years ago. He has taught me to paint for me, to not worry about the minutia, and mostly to feel the joy, the successes of my work. A painting does not always have to be a finished piece, it may stop at any place. I have learned from him that when a painting can convey poetry and drama, then that is when you know you have created your own masterpiece.

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