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Kathy Fieldstadt

I have been involved in creative expression since I was a child, when our father introduced us to simple painting, my mother sewing. If possible, I want everything I do in life to have some joy laced through it. I always want to try new aspects I’ve never done before, for the challenge, whether it’s drawing, sewing, embroidery, quilting, even work. (How lucky am I?) If I can bless someone with my crafts that’s a bonus.


Painting is my newest endeavor, and it is challenging as well as fun. When I expressed my desire to try water color with an artist friend, he generously supplied me with everything I needed to get started. I am so grateful for his encouragement and for others also. Even though I am just starting, I am enjoying it immensely. I haven’t taken any formal classes but I watch a lot of videos. Just being around other artists is a great encouragement to me.

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